TDI Plan Highlights

TDI Plan Highlights

A PDF of this document is available:  TDI Plan Highlights 2019

Disclaimer – Please read carefully

The TDI Guide is intended to assist in the administration of the plan, and it includes a summary of common TDI Plan provisions. To obtain additional information about the plan, contact your campus’ benefits office for specific assistance, or visit the OPURP website here to view the official plan document.

In case of conflict between this guide and the official plan documents of the Tax-Deferred Investment 403(b) Plan (TDI) and Oregon state law, the official plan documents, Oregon state law, and federal regulations will govern.


Consider the investment objectives, risks, and expenses of the investment options before investing. Prospectuses and fund fact sheets can be obtained by contacting the TDI Provider. Please read carefully before investing.


Most Oregon Public Universities Employees and OSU Clinical Fellows.

Student employees are not eligible to participate.

TDI Providers & Programs

TDI: Fidelity




Voluntary salary deferral. Minimum: 1% of gross pay.

Contribution Limits (2019)

General Limit: $19,000

Age 50-Plus Catch Up: $6,000

Selecting Investments

Investments are participant-directed online after establishing a TDI Provider account (See the provider websites listed later in this document for instructions on setting up an account).


Separation from Service or Age 59 ½


Loans are allowed, subject to outstanding loan balances for all Oregon Public Universities Retirement Plans. As of September 1, 2016, participants are only allowed two outstanding loans at a time from the 403(b) TDI plans.

Hardship Withdrawals

Available, but not from Roth accounts.

Transfers & Exchanges

Fund-to-fund exchanges within a Providers’ menu restricted by excessive trading, market timing and redemption period policies.

Account transfers permitted in-plan (between currently approved Providers) once each calendar year. Plan-to-plan transfers available as distributions. Transfers to consolidate accounts to current TDI providers unlimited.

PERS Service Credit Purchases

TDI funds may be used to restore previously forfeited creditable service time or purchase PERS service credit. Additional information on this process is available from PERS.

Change of Provider Enrollment

One time per year for new contributions.

Enroll by the 10th of any month. Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) forms are available online at

Saver’s Credit

Up to $2,000 ($4,000 if filing jointly). Information on whether you qualify for this tax credit is available through any tax counselor, your TDI investment provider, or the Internal Revenue Service.

More Information

See the TDI Guide online at


Fidelity Investments

Plan ID: 71678

Contact: 800-343-0860

Online Address:

Inversments may from time to time be replaced, and account balances transferred to replacement funds, at the direction of the Retirement Plans Investment Committee to comply with the Investment Policy of the TDI. A current list of investment options is available on the Fidelity website.

Participant education and account services provided by Fidelity Investments.

Post-tax "Roth" option available.


Plan ID: 101529

Contact: 800-842-2776

Online Address:

Individual advice and planning services offered by TIAA. A current list of investment options is available on the TIAA website.

Post-tax "Roth" option available.


Plan ID: 01034-001

Contact: 866-283-4892

Online Address:

Closed to new participants.

Open to participants enrolled by October 2007. Contact VALIC for other investments information.

To discuss the funds available in our plan through VALIC, contact them directly at the number above.