Plan Forms

Here are all of the plan forms, including enrollment and others. Please note that some of them are designed to be filled out with a computer, and others are designed for print use only. In some cases, attempting to complete a fillable form after printing will result in some areas of the form already having values. Be sure to take the correct one.

Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) Forms

PDF iconSRA Form **FILLABLE** 2018.pdf

PDF iconSRA Form **PRINT ONLY** 2018.pdf

Election Forms

PDF iconORP/PERS Election Form **FILLABLE pdf**

PDF iconORP/PERS Election Form **PRINT ONLY pdf**.pdf

Change Forms

PDF iconORP Change Form **FILLABLE pdf**

PDF iconORP Change Form **PRINT ONLY pdf**

Transfer Forms

PDF iconPERS to ORP Transfer Form 2018 **FILLABLE**.pdf

PDF iconPERS to ORP Transfer Form 2018 **PRINT ONLY**.pdf