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  • 2018 Oregon Legislature Updates - Bills Introduced
    • Senate Bill 1561: Directs PERS Board to establish member pension contribution amount for certain employee contributions of member of PERS. Directs board to apply amount in account to pay costs of pension or other retirement benefits payable to member earned on or after January, 2019. Read more details on this bill here.
    • House Bill 4131: Provides that member of PERS may not accrue pension benefits for future service. Requires member and employer to each contribute  4% of the member's salary to individual account program (IAP). Read more details on this bill here.
    • House Bill 4070: Establishes retirement benefits payable under OPSRP to persons who establish membership in PERS on or after effective date of Act. Provides that such persons do not become members of pension program of plan. Requires employers of such persons to make contributions to plan in amount equal to 10% of member's salary. Allows person to contribute an additional 2% of salary, which is matched by employer. Read more details on this bill here.


  • 2017 Oregon Legislature Updates
    • Senate Bill 214: Regarding participation in ORP for Post-Doctoral employees. Beginning 1/1/18, new post-doctoral scholars  will no longer be eligible for PERS, but will be eligible for new provision in ORP upon completion of a) six hundred hours of employment or the equivalent as determined by the governing board; and b) Six months of employment that is not interrupted by more than 30 consecutive working days.  If they contribute up to 4% of their salary to the TDI plans with either Fidelity or TIAA, they will receive an equivalent employer match in the ORP. Read more details on this bill here.
    • Senate Bill 201: Addresses a small group of OPSRP members, employed during a specific period of time, who received retirement service credit and contributions when they should not have.  Under OPSRP, salary is defined as payments includable in an employee's taxable income under Oregon law.  At the time of service by these impacted members, their salary was not considered taxable income under Oregon law because they lived and worked outside of Oregon. This legislation clarifies that for the small group of OPSRP members, the impacted salary will be considered subject salary. Read more details on this bill here.