Each quarter, the OPURP releases a newsletter to update and educate participants about any changes to the plans or eligibility, as well as provide tools and tips about how to optimize retirement savings for all age groups and salary levels.

Here are some things you can expect to find in our newsletter:

  • Information regarding plan changes, eligibility, and loans
  • Updates to investment options, such as new available accounts or funds
  • Advice from our Plan Providers on how to use their services and start saving for retirement
  • Tools and widgets to create a lifetime or annual savings goal and project where your retirement account could be in 10, 20, even 50 years
  • Information from the IRS about retirement savings and how participating in a salary deferral program can benefit you as early as next tax season

Current Newsletter

Winter 2023.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: Contribution Limit Updates for 2023; AIG is Now Corebridge Financial; Celebrating Black History Month with TIAA; Five Ways to Help You Stay on Track with Your Retirement Goals; Kick-Start Your Financial Wellness Journey with Fidelity; Current Updates Regarding Student Loan Debt Relief; Upcoming Webinars; Upcoming Counseling Sessions.


Past Newsletters

Fall 2022.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  Public Service Loan Forgiveness/Partnering with Savi - A Personal Story of Student Loan Forgiveness; Fall Campus Benefits Fairs; Learn More During National Retirement Security Month!; Nurture Your Retirement Saving Now and be Ready for Tomorrow; Seven Great Reasons to Stay with OPURP After Retirement; Create a Plan that Includes Income You Can't Outlive; Tuesdays at Two with TIAA; Spanish Language Resources with TIAA; Reduce Your Financial Stress with TIAA; Enhance the Security of Your TIAA Account Today; Upcoming Webinars with Fidelity: Hispanic Heritage Month and Women Talk Money; Security Tips from Fidelity.

Summer 2022.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  Tax-Deferred Investment (TDI) Distributions for TIAA Participants who are 59 1/2 or Older; How Investors Can Cope with Inflation in their Portfolio; Fee Policy Update from the OPURP Office; Conquering Student Debt with Savi; TIAA's Tuesdays at Two Update; Getting Started with Fidelity; Fidelity's Workshop Series; Fidelity's Mobile App; Fidelity's One-on-One Sessions; TIAA's Resource for Spanish Speakers; Upcoming Webinars with TIAA; TIAA's One-on-One Sessions.

Spring 2022.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: Equally Prepared: Financial Planning for the LGBTQ+ Community by TIAA; Financial Planning Tips for LGBTQ+ Couples by Fidelity Investments; Learn More About Student Loan Forgiveness & Savi; Seeking Shelter in Volatile Markets; Tuesdays at Two with TIAA; Upcoming Webinars & Web Workshops with Fidelity Investments & TIAA; Upcoming One-on-One Meeting Sessions with TIAA & Fidelity Representatives. 

Winter 2022.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  Ring in the New Year with Student Loan Forgiveness; Adoption/Birth Distributions for TDI Participants; Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) Common Questions; Upcoming Webinars with TIAA; One-on-One Meeting Appointments with TIAA & Fidelity.

Fall 2021.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:   2021 Virtual Benefit Fairs;  New Student Loan Forgiveness Benefit Brought to you by Savi and TIAA;  Seven Great Reasons for Staying with the Oregon Public Universities Retirement Plan (OPURP) after Retirement!;  4 Tips to Protect Against Identity Theft;  Understanding the Differences Between the Oregon Public Universities 403(b) Tax-Deferred Investment Plan, and the Oregon Savings Growth 457(b) Plan;  Let's Talk About Cybersecurity & Different Ways TIAA is Helping Keep Your Account Safe;  Could you be a Target for Cybercrime?;  Upcoming One-on-One Sessions with Fidelity and TIAA.

Summer 2021.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  This "Rule of 72" May Inspire You to Save More;  Important Message from the OPURP Office Regarding Solicitation E-Mails;  New Fund Option for Fidelity ORP Members;  5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Fraud;  Message for TDI Participants Using a Dollar Amount Rather than Percentage of Pay;  Cybersecurity: TIAA's Long-Standing Practices Support DOL's New Guidance;  Financial Basics with Fidelity; 5 Essential Estate Planning Questions to Ask;  Should I Pay Off My Mortgage in Retirement?;  Upcoming Webinars;  Upcoming One-On-One Consultations and Meetings.

Spring 2021.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  CARES Act Distributions and Repayment Options with TIAA;  CARES Act Income Tax Overview with Fidelity; 403(b) Enrollment Message from Retirement Plans Management Team;  Caring for Aging Loved Ones;  Upcoming Webinars; What Could You Do with Your Stimulus Check?;  One-on-One financial Counseling Sessions.

Winter 2021.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  How to Handle the Ups & Downs of the Market;  CARES Act Distributions and Repayment Options with Fidelity;  Ready to Retire? You Still Need a Budget;  Managing Your Cash Flow in Retirement;  Stay in the Know with TIAA;  Record Keeper Meeting Opportunities;  Webinars and Webcast Content.

Fall 2020.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: Steps to Take if You Retire Earlier than Planned;  Five Investment Planning Lessons Learned;  Current Updates to the ORP and TDI Plans Due to CARES Act Provisions;  Upcoming Webinars, Webcasts and Learning Opportunities from Fidelity Investments and TIAA;  Upcoming Recordkeeper Meeting Opportunities.

Summer 2020.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: The CARES Act and How it Can Affect 401(a) (ORP) and 403(b) (TDI) members; Investing During a Volitile Market... What Can We Do?; Fidelity and TIAA Counseling Sessions; Upcoming Webinars and Webcasts; The Retirement Plans Management Office Has Moved! Updated Address Information.

Spring 2020.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: COVID-19 Business Continuity for Retirement Plans Management; What is the SECURE Act and How Does it Impact Me?; Fee Change Announcement from Fidelity; 2020 Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) Questions and Answers; Beneficiary Designations Explained; Upcoming Webcasts, Webinars, and Consulatations.

Winter 2020.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: Times are Changing - Form Change for TDI 403(b) Plan; 403(b) Limit Increase for 2020; Medicare Questions?  Give SHIBA a try!; Four Things to Make the Most of Social Security; Introducing Fidelity MyVoice; Expand Your World of Investment Choices with Brokerage Link; Fidelity 2-Factor Authentication; Webcasts and Consultations; What's New with Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP)?.

Fall 2019.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: National Retirement Security Week - What is Your Whole Story?; Debt Doesn't Have to be a Four-Letter Word; The Importance of Beneficiary Designations; How to Save for an Emergency; Upcoming OSGP Workshops; New Fidelity 2065 Freedom Fund; Retirement 101; Webcasts, Webinars & Meetings; Upcoming Benefit Fairs.

Summer 2019.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: PERS Changes: Passage of SenateBill 1049; 2019 Benefit Fair Schedule; Retirement 101; eDelivery Options with TIAA; Divorce Do's and Don'ts; TIAA Managed Accounts; Income Options Tool with TIAA; Upcoming Webinars and Webcasts; In-Person Consultations with Fidelity.

Spring 2019.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  The Art of the Fiscal Fast; 2019 ORP Rate Changes; Equally Prepared: Financial Planning for the LGBTQ Community; Upcoming Retirement Expos;  Beneficiary Designation Reminder; Why You Should Stay With OPURP When You Retire;  Upcoming Educational Opportunities and Meetings; Have an Old Retirement Account? Consolidate Today!; VALIC Name Change to AIG; AIG/VALIC Fund Option Changes; and Retirement 101.

Winter 2019.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE:  Shining a Light on Acronyms;  403(b) Limit Increase for 2019;  America Saves Week;  Socially Responsible Investing;  Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) FAQ’s;  Upcoming Educational Opportunities;  One-on-One Meetings with Fidelity and TIAA Consultants;  Just Keep Saving; Aiming Higher in Your 403(b);  Retirement 101.

Fall 2018.pdf

IN THIS ISSUE: Loan Changes in the Optional Retirement Plan;  Campus Benefit Fair Schedule;  Alternative Access Options for Fidelity and TIAA Participants;  Retirement 101;  4 Rules of Thumb for Retirement Savings;  Beneficiary Designation Form Reminder;  Upcoming Webinars

Summer 2018.pdf

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