How to Enroll

How to Enroll

A more secure future is just a few simple steps away. This guide will lead you through the process.

A PDF of this document is available: Guide #7: How to Enroll 2019   

Please access our Forms page for enrollment, change, and transfer forms.

Disclaimer – Please read carefully

This Guide provides an overview of the PERS/OPSRP and the ORP. The descriptions of OPSRP and PERS in this Guide are based on Oregon Public Universities’ understanding of applicable legislation, as amended and as affected by judicial decisions, as of the date of this guide. In addition, PERS regularly adopts administrative rules to implement legislative and operational changes. The descriptions of OPSRP and PERS are therefore subject to modification and/or clarification by new legislation, court decisions, and PERS’ administrative rulemaking.

This material is intended to assist in the administration of the plan, and it includes a summary of common ORP Plan provisions. To obtain additional information contact your campus benefits office for assistance with questions, transactions, or circumstances that are not included in this Guide.

In case of conflict between this Guide and the official plan documents of the ORP and Oregon state law regulating PERS/OPSRP, the official plan documents, Oregon state law, and federal regulation will govern. A copy of the ORP Plan document is available through your campus benefits office upon request or here on the OPURP website.


Enrollment Instructions

The Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) and Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP)/Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) are designed to give you a choice in your retirement program.

An ORP/PERS Election Form is sent to you by your campus benefits office before your eligibility date and is due in the benefits office by the 10th of the first month following completion of your 6-month waiting period.

If the benefits office does not receive a completed and signed ORP/PERS Election Form from you by that date or if you do not select an ORP investment company on the election form, you will automatically be enrolled in OPSRP or PERS, based on your hire date.

ORP Enrollment

If you elect to participate in the ORP, enrollment is a two-step process:

Complete the ORP/PERS Election Form. This form establishes your one-time, irrevocable election to participate in either PERS/OPSRP or the ORP and will initiate your payroll contribution. It also establishes your choice of an investment provider, which may be Fidelity Investments or TIAA.
Establish an account with your selected provider, either ORP: Fidelity or ORP: TIAA.

Information about investments and services through Fidelity Investments and TIAA is available online at each company’s “Oregon Public Universities Retirement Plans” custom website, and enrollment service center representatives will assist you over the telephone. For direct enrollment assistance or to request enrollment materials, see the companies’ contact information on the first page of the Election Form.

Open an account with your selected investment provider online, over the phone, or by submitting an application form provided by Fidelity or TIAA.

Your account application must name specific investment funds. If you don’t provide investment instructions, the contributions to your account will be directed to a default, age-appropriate lifecycle fund until you provide specific directions for investing your account.

If you want to transfer your PERS account(s) or your IAP Account to the ORP, both the ORP/PERS Election Form and the PERS-to-ORP Transfer Form must be received by the benefits office by the 10th of the month (or by the previous Friday if the 10th is on a weekend) to be effective the first of that month. Contact your campus benefits office for the PERS-to-ORP Transfer Form and instructions. PERS/OPSRP and ORP forms must be turned in by the 10th of the month in which you are eligible to enroll in the retirement plans.


After the 10th of the month in which you are eligible, you will be automatically enrolled in PERS/OPSRP if you have not elected the ORP. Your signed election form is required, even if you default to PERS/OPSRP.


Completing the ORP/PERS Election Form

To enroll in PERS/OPSRP/PERS, only the ORP/PERS Election Form is required.

To enroll in the ORP, you need to provide your campus benefits office with a completed ORP/PERS Election Form AND confirmation you have established an account with Fidelity Investments or TIAA. For rollovers or transfer of other retirement accounts to the ORP, including PERS/OPSRP/IAP accounts, contact your campus benefits office for the necessary additional forms.


Changing Your ORP Investment Provider

Once you have elected to participate in the ORP, you may change your investment provider once each plan (calendar) year. It is a two-step process to direct future contributions to a new investment provider.

Open an account with your new investment provider.
Complete an ORP Change Form to notify your campus benefits office to change your contributions in the payroll system. The ORP Change Form is here on the OPURP website and is also available in your benefits office.