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Solicitation Emails Regarding Retirement Counseling

It has come to our attention that some university employees have received solicitation emails from various companies offering their services for retirement counseling.

If you received a communication from companies such as “My403bonline”, “PERAhelps” or “Fed Resource” offering assistance with retirement plans, please be advised that these companies have no relationship with Oregon Public Universities Retirement Plans (OPURP), PERS, or any of the fund sponsors (Fidelity, TIAA, AIG or OSGP).

OPURP neither endorses nor recommends these services; therefore, if you receive emails offering assistance with your retirement plan that seem questionable, please let your benefits department know.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact OPURP at  opurp@uoregon.edu



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 This website is designed to provide you with all the information you need to adequately assess your retirement plan options through the Oregon Public University System.

 Here you will find:

  • Guidebooks and highlights for our plans
  • Information on advisory committee meetings
  • Our quarterly newsletter
  • Any updates to the plans due to statute changes or internal review
  • Forms for all of your rollover, transfer, enrollment and retirement needs
  • Contact information for OPURP and benefits managers for all seven universities
  • Information and links to helpful pages on the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)


Brief Sumary of Plan Options through Oregon Public Universities

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

A Pension alternative for academic and administrative unclassified employees, which is designed to provide choice and portability of retirement investments. Eligible employees may participate in the ORP in lieu of PERS.

Tax-Deferred Investment 403(b) Plan (TDI)

A voluntary retirement savings plan for classified and unclassified employees, the TDI provides pre-tax savings for retirement.* The TDI can be used in addition to the basic pension, and by eligible employees regardless of whether they participate in the ORP or PERS.

* Our plan Providers do offer Roth (post-tax) savings options as well.

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

Administered by the State of Oregon, PERS is a retirement pension program open only to public sector employees in the State of Oregon. Participating employees can still be eligible for participation in the TDI. Please see the PERS website for the most up to date information regarding this option.

Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP)

As an alternative to the TDI, OSGP provides voluntary pre- and post-tax retirement savings options to public employees in the State of Oregon. This is a 457(b) plan, not a 403(b) plan like the TDI. Please see the OSGP website for the most up to date information regarding this option.