Optional Retirement 401(a) Plan

The Optional Retirement 401(a) Plan  - the “ORP”- is a defined contribution plan that academic and administrative unclassified employees may choose in lieu of PERS membership. The ORP has been in operation since 1996 and was updated November, 2007. Participants have a choice of investments-plus-services programs to suit their individual retirement planning needs. The ORP offers mutual funds and both fixed and variable annuities in participant-directed account.

2015 ORP Plan Information

  1. Decision Making Guide
  2. Optional Retirement Plan Highlights
  3. Retirement Option Comparison - Tier One/Tier Two Employees - for those employee hired prior to 8/29/2003
  4. Retirement Option Comparison - OPSRP / ORP Tier Three Employees - for those employees hired on or after 8/29/2003
  5. Retirement Option Comparison - Tier 4 Employees - for those employee hired on or after 7/01/2014
  6. Contact Information
  7. How To Enroll
  8. Optional Retirement Plan - Full plan document, amended and restated as of 1/1/2015